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Social Responsibility

Giving Back

In the spirit of ‘Environment First‘ Bayala’s primary objective is the rehabilitation and conservation of wilderness, restoration of wildlife and the protection of our communities

Proudly partnering with Cycle of Life

Charity funds

Your wildlife safari at Bayala enables ongoing conservation of the wilderness and its animals.

Cycle of Life™ has funded an intensive care unit for endangered species. As well as provides funding to the region’s anti-poaching unit, which protects the white and black rhino population. Dehorning of rhinos is undertaken at Bayala to ensure conservation of one of the world’s largest rhino populations.


We value the people who live in the area and we support their wellbeing. The lodge runs an ongoing initiative to the good of a local school, which guests are most welcome to visit during their stay.

Living Green

Bayala prioritizes sustainable and responsible tourism. Running operations are earth-friendly and resource-conserving. We minimize our impact on the earth in the following ways:

  • Elimination of single-use plastics;
  • Use of environmentally-friendly products;
  • Giving preference to locally produced products;
  • Harvesting of rainwater for use; and
  • Sensitive waste management.
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