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In the spirit of ‘Environment First’ Bayala’s primary objective is the rehabilitation and conservation of wilderness, restoration of wildlife and the protection of our communities

Proudly partnering with Cycle of Life™ Charity funds

Bayala is supporting conservation efforts and projects of Cycle of Life. Amongst them is our 3 day Ride for Rhinos mountain bike tour on the reserve where all funds raised go back into rhino conservation on the reserve.

It’s exciting to see what we have mutually achieved over the years!

10 YEARS Proudly CYCLE of Life Rhino Conservation

In 2014, at the height of rhino poaching, a small group of mutually concerned friends, determined to assist, entered the Cape Town Cycle Tour to raise funds to support the anti-poaching efforts in Zululand.
The following year, through word of mouth, our team grew and what started out as a once off fund-raiser, has grown into an annual event, with interest and encouragement increasing each year. This lead to The Cycle of Life Charity Funds becoming a registered NPO which allows for Section 18A certificates to be issued to donors.
The funds raised to date, have been spent in many areas:

  • Rhino dehorning – all rhinos on Zuka Private Game Reserve were dehorned and we assisted with rhino dehornings all over Zululand and other protected areas in SA . There have been almost no rhinos poached since dehorning began, a direct result of these efforts. Horns regrow and require trimming every 18 months so this is an ongoing project 
  • installation of Surveillance equipment, number recognition cameras, solar powered security gates
  • Anti-poaching guard equipment and uniforms. An anti poaching guard house was built to provide the guards on site with accommodation. A vehicle to monitor and observe rhinos was purchased too.
  • Orphaned animal support by way of food and medical costs
  • Medical expenses for injured animals
  • An endangered species boma was build at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage which provides protected space for medical treatment on site and while injured or sick animals recover
  • A large animal trailer was purchased and is used to transport injured or sick animals where required
  • Community support – purchasing stationery and school bags for learners at schools in the community. A water project by way of a borehole, pump and pipes, ensured running water to the community
  • Construction of a wooden deck inside the reserve for  schools and university groups to use during their ranger and conservation courses


We value the people who live in the area and we support their wellbeing. The lodge runs an ongoing initiative to the good of a local school, which guests are most welcome to visit during their stay.

Living Green

Bayala prioritizes sustainable and responsible tourism. Running operations are earth-friendly and resource-conserving. We minimize our impact on the earth in the following ways:

  • Usage of Solar systems and heat pumps to save electricity
  • Elimination of single-use plastics;
  • Use of environmentally-friendly products;
  • Giving preference to locally produced products;
  • Harvesting of rainwater for use; and
  • Sensitive waste management.

Water Project for the KwaNgwena Community in conjunction with Cycle of Life Charity Funds

Thanks to a fundraising event organised by the chairman of our German NGO, Cycle of Life e.V, we were able to  complete  the Water Project for our neighbours, the KwaNgwena Community.  This is one of our largest and most significant projects, supplying constant running water to the Velakukhanya Combined Primary School and their community. Together with our main sponsors, Cycle of Life Charity Funds and Zuka Game Reserve we installed a solar powered pump and piping from a borehole along the river to the school 3km away. This provided the school with a consistent supply of running water which they haven’t had for at least 5 years, having to rely in the interim on rainwater and inconsistent water deliveries from the government. Once their tanks are full the overflow supply is then distributed to several  tanks in the community. We were privileged to have Miss Earth at our opening ceremony.


Africa Foundation has been working with communities and municipalities for three decades to increase access to a range of medical services. This includes building clinics and accommodation for healthcare workers; facilitating community-based care initiatives; and developing boreholes and dams for safe drinking water. Access to safe sanitation facilities also remains a major problem in poor rural communities and Africa Foundation provides ablutions or Enviro-loos – hygienic but waterless ablutions – to schools, clinics and other community facilities.

Clinics and accommodation for healthcare workers

Access to healthcare is one of the primary concerns of every community in which we work. Rural African communities are heavily disadvantaged when it comes to affordable and accessible quality healthcare. We work with communities and the Department of Health to facilitate the construction or improvement of rural clinic facilities. We also assist in the allocation and retention of medical staff through construction of accommodation at clinic sites.