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Bayala offers a captivating blend of wildlife adventure and luxurious retreat in the heart of nature. To make the most of your experience, dressing appropriately ensures comfort and style throughout your stay. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to wear at Bayala, covering everything from day safaris to evening boma dinners.



Neutral Colours for the Safari Aesthetic:

Blend in with the natural surroundings by opting for neutral colours like khaki, olive, and sandy tones. These colours not only create a classic safari look but also help you stay inconspicuous during wildlife encounters. Consider lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton for maximum comfort.


Walking Shoes for Safari Excursions:

Exploring the lodge’s surroundings may involve uneven terrain, so bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Closed shoes offer protection from thorns and insects, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to pack in a pair of slip slops for your time at the pool and walking around the lodge in the heat.


Evening Boma Dinners:

For the enchanting evening boma dinners, where the sounds of the African night come alive, choose smart-casual attire. Elegant yet comfortable options like a maxi dress for women or chinos paired with a collared shirt for men strike the perfect balance between relaxed and refined.


Bayala promises a unique and unforgettable experience, and dressing thoughtfully enhances every moment. By incorporating these wardrobe essentials, you’ll not only be prepared for the diverse activities but also exude safari chic with ease. So, pack your bags with these tips in mind and get ready to embark on a stylish safari adventure at Bayala.

Layer Up for Weather Changes:

The African climate can be unpredictable, with temperature variations throughout the day. It’s wise to layer your clothing. Start with a breathable base layer, add a long-sleeved shirt or light sweater, and top it off with a versatile jacket or wind breaker. This way, you can adjust to the changing weather conditions effortlessly. Morning Game drives start off quite chilly but end with the sun beating down on you.


Comfortable Clothing for Adventures:

Bayala is all about immersing yourself in the wild, so prioritize comfort. Loose-fitting, moisture-wicking clothing is ideal for both game drives and walking safaris. Cargo pants or comfortable shorts paired with a breathable shirt will keep you cool and at ease during your explorations.




Hat and Sunglasses for Sun Protection:

Shield yourself from the African sun with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Not only do they provide protection, but they also add a touch of safari chic to your ensemble. Opt for a hat with a chin strap to secure it during open-vehicle game drives. Sun screen is a must too.


Swimming Attire for Poolside Relaxation:

Bayala has 2 picturesque pool locations. Pack your favourite swimsuit to take a refreshing dip or lounge poolside with a fabulous cocktail. Towels are provided at the pools, so no need to bring one.