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One of the leading private game reserves in the greater Durban – KZN


The morning game drive unfolds the miracle of daybreak in the wilderness. Depart into the approaching dawn on a 4×4 safari vehicle with your guide. Watch the sunrise paint its glory across the vast plains, and see the wild world emerge fresh and new. Birds bring greetings, herds gather to drink at watering holes, and predators show themselves before taking shelter against the heat of day. Tracks, trails, middens and carcasses hint at the escapades of the night, and the ongoing rhythm of life in the wilderness unfurls.


The afternoon game drive departs when the heat of day begins to subside, and pauses to toast the sunset. After nightfall your safari hosts will track the impressive nocturnal animals that every safari-goer hopes to see. Expectancy mounts as our guides put their skills and acuity to good use. Add a measure of luck, and guests can look forward to sightings of Africa’s most legendary creatures.


This is an all time favourite. Book a walk with one of our experienced game rangers. Being close to the ground alerts all your senses. The ranger will point out spoor, and the little 5. Don’t miss the opportunity to stop and take in the moment.
*Available on special request, please book in advance. Contact the office to book.


Join Bayala’s team of experts in the de-horning of a rhino as part of a continuing operation to combat poaching. This activity is offered at an additional fee and subject to conservation requirements.

Hands-on conservation is a transformative experience and an unforgettable part of a wildlife safari in South Africa.

Game Drives

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Bush Walks


For families, the welcome is unconditional and children of all ages are catered for. Bayala’s Kids in Africa programme brims with fun and lively eco-action activities that teach children the ways of the wilds.

The camp is fenced unobtrusively, creating a secure wilderness space in which children can learn experientially.


Pamper treatments at Bayala include a choice of massage rituals based on ancient African healing wisdom and using life-giving natural ingredients. Kindly note that wellness treatments need to be booked one week prior to arrival.


Each day at Bayala game lodge brings its own array of wildlife sightings and wilderness delights. Allowing for variety of experience and seasonal shifts, a typical day is arranged as follows:

05:30:  Coffee and rusks are served.

06:00:  Morning game drive departs.

09:00:  A hearty breakfast / brunch is served.

11:00:  At leisure. Enjoy a massage ritual or relax at the pool.  Children can enjoy an eco-trail with their ranger, or have fun in the play area.

14:00:  A Light lunch is served (optional extra)

15:00:   Afternoon game drive departs (optional extra)

19:00   Dinner is served.

Read our blog post on a guests experience of a day at Bayala here.



There are other wonderlands to explore, not far beyond Bayala. iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Sodwana Bay, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, Mkuze Game Reserve and Kosi Bay all make exceptional day trips and are all easily reached from the lodges.

Other suggested day trips include:

Enjoy an up close and personal meeting with the habituated elephants
Travel Time from Bayala: 30min

An educational tour of orphaned or injured Wild Cheetahs, Serval Cats, African Wildcats and Caracal
Travel Time from Bayala: 1hour

The Walk Thru Bird and Reptile Park is open daily from 8:00am to 4:30pm
Travel Time from Bayala: 1 hour

The Traditional Village tour times: 8:15am, 11:00am, 3:15pm
Travel Time from Bayala: 1 hour

Travel Time from Bayala: 1hr30

Travel time from Bayala: 1hr30

Knowledgeable Rangers

Sundowner Drinks on Game Drive

Incredible Sightings


Visit the Rhino Orphanage.

It was beyond our wildest expectations that we would be given the opportunity to assist rhino orphans. This opportunity arose unexpectedly, albeit in extremely tragic circumstances, on the 20th of February 2017, when poachers attacked a local rhino orphanage. The ongoing security threat forced the facility to close, driven by the fear it posed. With the urgent need for a home for the rhino orphans, the Zululand Conservation Trust took the initiative and accepted the responsibility and financial burden.

We put in relentless effort against time to construct a comfortable and appropriate residence for these orphaned rhinos. Thanks to our diligent team of ingenious staff members, we established a 3.5-hectare enclosure for the two eldest orphans, Storm and Nandi. On the 14th of March 2017, witnessing the first tentative steps of these two black rhino orphans into their new home was an incredibly gratifying experience. However, this marked just the beginning of our arduous journey.

Subsequently, we dedicated ourselves to preparing the habitat for the remaining three orphans who demanded round-the-clock care. With generous assistance from Container Conversions, we were able to set up a facility in a matter of weeks, complete with a milk preparation kitchen and a secure and warm sleeping area.

By April 2017, we successfully relocated the two white rhinos, Makhosi and Isomiso, along with their companion Charlie the young hippo, to their new abode. Yet, our narrative doesn’t conclude there. Just a month later, as the orphans were acclimatizing to their new environment, we received a heart-wrenching plea to rescue a calf from another reserve. For six cold and rainy days, this tiny calf survived beside the lifeless body of its poached mother.

Despite having already utilized all available space, we were undeterred and managed to construct a temporary shelter for the calf, who we named Ntoto. The birth of the Zululand Rhino Orphanage might have been spurred by tragedy, but ultimately, our story is one of optimism. Fostering and nurturing these precious survivors holds immense significance for us. Our mission is to ensure their eventual release back into their natural habitat.

There is an additional cost to visit the Rhino Orphanage. Price available on request


Visit the Pangolins of Zululand 

With their resilient keratin-coated scales guarding their tender bodies, along with the ability to coil tightly into a protective ball when danger approaches, the pangolin exhibits an astonishingly prehistoric appearance. Similar to the sought-after rhino horn, pangolin scales are in high demand within the illegal wildlife trade. Alarming statistics reveal the decimation of the pangolin species, leading to their designation as the most trafficked animal on Earth. In response to this crisis, the Zululand Conservation Trust has committed a significant portion of our conservation funds to safeguarding, rehabilitating, and monitoring these remarkable creatures.

The Manyoni Private Game Reserve collaborates closely with the African Pangolin Working Group and Johannesburg Wildlife Vet to offer sanctuary to Temminck’s ground pangolins rescued from the clutches of the wildlife trade. Devoid of vocal cords, pangolins rely on curling into a defensive ball and remaining motionless – a trait exploited by poachers for easy capture and concealment. In the hands of these poachers, pangolins suffer from stress, dehydration, and malnutrition. Yet, a counterforce exists against this trade, providing every confiscated animal a second chance at life.

Upon reaching the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet, survivors receive intensive care from a dedicated team, nursing them back to health. Once their strength is regained, these pangolins, including those taken to reserves like Manyoni, embark on a “soft release” process.

The rehabilitation of Temminck’s Pangolin involves a rigorous regimen, demanding round-the-clock supervision to ensure successful acclimatization, appropriate diet, and weight gain. The Zululand Conservation Trust actively participates in hands-on monitoring and supports the soft release procedure by funding essential equipment. With the Temminck’s Pangolin absent from Zululand for nearly seven decades, this marks a momentous occasion for us – an extraordinary initiative dedicated to the proactive preservation of an exceedingly endangered species.

There is an additional cost to visit the Pangolin Santuary. Price available on request



A wildlife gem in KZN

Bayala is a beautiful natural gem wrapped in lush vegetation and teeming with amazing birdlife and wildlife.The gamedrives were simply exciting with interesting sightings in every spot of the game park.Walter is a brilliant guide and always goes the extra mile to find guests great sightings.We were thrilled to see elephants,lions,cheetahs,rhinos,buffalo,giraffe,zebra , antelopes,hyena cub and spectacular birds.We had a warm reception and care by hosts Mary and Ben.The meals were absolutely delicious and of a high standard.So pleased with them catering for our vegetarian diet.We also enjoyed relaxing spa treatments by Lihle.We enjoyed a peaceful retreat with the welcome sounds of the bush.


Great value for money Safari Lodge Experience.

We loved the setting of the camp. Facilities were great – comfortable, well appointed, tasteful furnishings, very good meals, friendly staff, Our guide was exceptional – great knowledge, sharp eyes, informative and very friendly. He is an asset to the operation. He really tried hard to get us a leopard sighting. Unfortunately it was not to be. He got us into very good photographic positions for 4 of the Big 5 plus cheetah.


Excellent service and awesome game drives.

The service was exceptional at the lodge and Gerrick was very good on the safaris and knowledgeably. For the morning game drives he provided delicious special coffee. All the staff were good and the rooms were comfortable. Food was good and special requirements were attended to. Breakfast was exceptional and Dinner was too. The staff was what made this destination a most memorable visit. We loved every aspect of the Game Park but the Game Drives were what makes us look forward to our next visit. Truly an amazing experience.